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NAOMI Digital X-Ray

Additional Information

 CCD (Charged Coupled Device) DR technology captures the image created by the scintillator and relays it to the computer. 

When it comes to image quality, you will find that FPD and CCD DR images look very similar across the board. While it has a 10-15 second acquisition time, the Naomi CCD DR unit can be repaired in the event of physical damage. This means that Naomi is the only company with zero ongoing costs post-purchase. 

About Us

We manufacture and sell small wireless CCD cameras, combining our radio frequency technology with a digital CCD imaging sensor. Our founding principal is based on delivering "Superior products at a competitive price." In addition to a Quality Control Department, we have a Cost Control Department in each of our divisions to regulate the cost and adjust the quality level whenever and wherever it is necessary.

System Includes: NAOMI System & Shipping NAOMI digital x-ray chiropractor